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$350.00 (CDN)   plus applicable taxes

The plan is simple. Together, let's get your book ready to print to the market. This process begins from you providing Volumes with a digital computer file suitable for our on-demand process. We receive your file and output an electronic proof. As a self-published author, you must edit and proofread your work as each proof is completed. Once the final alterations have been made, we resend the electronic file for you to see the end results.

  1. Co-ordinate and arrange an International Standard Book Number (ISBN)
  2. Design an EAN barcode
  3. Format and design copyright page layout
  4. Design a front and back cover of the book
  5. Produce a complete bound proof and submit for author’s review
  6. Make necessary changes to the author’s proof (for extensive changes a fee may be charged)
  7. Retain a master file of the book for future ordering

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