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The Folio package is designed for the author who is looking to get their work out into the market place.
The Folio not only covers all the Launch information but also includes necessary promotional information that the author will require to get the book out and on the market.

We will link your site to Volumes and handle all of the pick and packing, electronic billing and distribution of your book to the client. In fact, by having them order your book through Volumes you will increase your royalty payment per book.

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  1. Co-ordinate and arrange an International Standard Book Number (ISBN)
  2. Design an EAN barcode
  3. Format and design copyright page layout
  4. Include a copyright notice intended to protect author’s rights in all copies of the book produced
  5. Send (2) copies to the National Library
  6. Provide accounting of sales and royalties on a monthly basis through an on-line distribution icon
  7. Create an electronic master of the book, either through scanning the supplied paper original or from a supplied electronic file or a combination of the two methods
  8. Design a front and back cover of the book
  9. Produce a complete bound proof to submit for author’s review and make necessary changes to the author’s proof
  10. Archive the book for future ordering
  11. Submit the book for sale through other on-line bookstores - www.chapters.indigo.ca and www.amazon.com
  12. Provide 500 full colour business cards, printed one side
  13. Provide 500 full colour bookmarks, printed one side
  14. Provide 20 finished copies to the author
  15. Create a professional press release of the author’s book title
  16. Submit electronic press releases to an assortment of web directories
  17. Sell books to author at cost

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