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This article was first published in the Exchange Newsletter, Vol. 15, April 2005.

A New Secure Way to Buy On-Demand Books

Kitchener, Ontario- Tuesday, September 20, 2005

Volumes of products are being introduced by a growing on-line specialty store recently launched in Kitchener, Ontario. “I guess you could call it a re-launch,” says Dean Froome, Manager. “We are still the same company that formed Volumes Publishing Ltd. we have just increased our offering to the on-line shopper and shortened our company name.”

If Volumes sounds familiar, it could be because they are the same company that launched and continues to operate a self-publishing, print-on-demand arm for authors who are looking to self-publish. They have become a leader in this industry and continue to bring new technology to the forefront.

The selection offered by Volumes (named appropriately enough) is definitely unique, and gives customers a variety of choices in books, toys, games, DVD’s, CD’s and so much more! There is even a section for teachers, where they will find unique and helpful products to make learning fun!

Also new to the site is Party Parcels. This is a section that offers busy parents the opportunity to go on-line, select a themed birthday party and have it sent direct to their home! No running around trying to find matching partyware, it’s all right there!

The site even offers an opportunity for the customer to let Volumes know what they would like to see added to the site. Volumes are very focused on service and selection…and who better to ask than those that will be shopping on the site?

“We are still growing,” says Froome, “with new products being added every day. The demand and response has been incredible. It’s very exciting and we are really looking forward to the future.”

So take a moment and check out what Volumes has to offer. Books, CD’s, toys, games, merchandise, fine art, party parcels... now, we’re talking Volumes.