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Print On Demand has made it possible for authors to get their work into the marketplace without having to deal with the bigger publishing houses or the costs associated with them. The idea of selling the book first and then printing it does away with excess stock and obsolescence. Read about the services we offer below and decide between our Launch or Folio packages to determine which would best suit your vision.


  1. Consultation on the choices available to you
  2. Book archival, production and distribution on demand
  3. Legal and administration fulfillment
  4. Partnership with design and layout
  5. E-commerce, distribution, tracking and payment of royalties
  6. Complete in-house printing and bindery facilities
  7. 14 Docutech printing systems
  8. IGen3 Advanced colour printing system
  9. 4 DocuColor 2045 colour printing systems
  10. 8 Docu-12 printing systems
  11. 21 offset presses
  12. Direct Imaging Press (full colour)
  13. Complete in-house coating and laminating systems
  14. Complete Soft and Hard Cover solutions
  1. You maintain total ownership and control of book rights
  2. You choose between two robust publishing packages
  3. We post press releases to thousands of potential buyers

Volumes can make your book available all over the world to major booksellers’ websites. We also provide our own on-line bookstore to handle e-commerce distribution if this is the route that you choose to take.

  1. Keep total control of your book. Ownership of the content and design is all yours – You keep the rights. Whether you sell the content to other publishing houses, foreign rights, television or promotion rights – You will own them all.
  2. Cover layout and design at no extra cost. We understand the concept of the cover sells and will work with the cover layout until you are 100% satisfied.
  3. We take the headaches out of producing the EAN bar code, ISBN number and Copyright page.
  4. With our state-of-the-art electronic archival system you can print the quantity you want when you want it. This new process lowers the risk that you would undertake using any other publishing process. No more administration cost for warehousing, obsolescence and interest expense. You have no extra cost for ordering on demand. You also have the ability to make revisions and updates at a later date with no additional cost.
  5. We manage the royalties and pay you on a bi-monthly schedule plan. By partnering with Volumes you will reap the well-deserved rewards. When signing up with most publishing firms you will not only lose total control but you will receive a royalty payment between 6% – 8% per book. By self-publishing you can increase this royalty to over 60% of the retail price.
  6. Volumes' consulting team will also sell the books to you at our print cost. When you need to sell your book in seminars, book affairs and other related shows we will not offer a discount but sell you the books at cost. We encourage this as you take the extra time and effort in selling your book. We want you to be well-rewarded.

Writing and producing a book takes a lot of hard work. Let your hard work speak Volumes. Choose one of our two publishing packages that best suits your needs.